BazookaGoal was founded in 2011 by Anders Wennesland, starting with one single product and the vision to provide goal-scoring magic to football players everywhere.


The original BazookaGoal featured an innovative design with telescope poles, nylon-fiberglass composite joints, recoil frame & carry strap. As a result, the BazookaGoal pop-up football goal could resist powerful shots, was quick and easy to set-up & transfer anywhere and provided a safe environment for young players. It was awarded multiple times & was featured in world-class online media.


BazookaGoal's quality features soon got attention from Football Clubs & Academies from all over the world as coaches realized that they had the opportunity to upgrade their training sessions with small-sided games and technique-oriented drills, where mini football goals are the key-equipment. At the same time, every football brand has the opportunity to incorporate its brand elements (logo & colors) into the goal’s net. We have been providing goals & training gear to the World’s Top Clubs, Academies & Soccer Schools including Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Ajax, Juventus and much more!


Our specialization in small-sided football and our close collaborations with football coaches and Football Associations in many countries including Germany, England & Norway, brought to life a new project, 3v3 World. Playing inside our inflatable football pitches “AirPitches”, players of all ages have the opportunity to score more goals and have more touches with the ball, elements that achieve a faster player development. 3v3 Football became a mandatory football format in Germany and its recognition is expanding across the world, with England, France, Spain, Denmark, Canada and USA included. In 2023 we also launched the “AirPitch Football” Organisation which includes all small-sided football formats played inside the AirPitches.


Our small-sided football training establishment came with the launch of BazookaGoals & folding goals in multiple dimensions & frame colors, as well as complete training gear for Football Academies, Clubs, Soccer Schools & individual coaches & players.


And it’s not just providing equipment. Our products are a significant part of football training sessions and small-sided games where coaches guide, develop and shape the new generation of young players, creating an emotional bond with them. From applying training drills & games where players score goals, they finally teach them life values and motivate them to reach their limits to achieve their dreams. Because every dream starts with a goal.

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