Use colors to develop your players
How would you describe the ideal football training?

We bet that excitement & player development are key-elements that every training of yours should feature.

And if you are looking a way to achieve this, it's time to upgrade your training sessions with different-colored BazookaGoals.

By incorporating different-colored BazookaGoals into your drills and small-sided games, you can enhance your players' skills in various ways:

  1. Awareness: Using contrasting colors encourages players to recognize goal positions quickly, improving their awareness on the field.

  2. Decision-Making: Multi-colored goals make decision-making exercises more engaging. Players must choose the right goal based on color, honing their tactical thinking.

  3. Precision Shooting: Set up goals of different colors as target zones to enhance shooting accuracy. Players will learn to aim for specific areas of the net.

  4. Teamwork: Assign teams different goal colors, promoting teamwork, communication, and strategy development.

  5. Creativity: Encourage inventive play by challenging players to score in goals of the same color in creative ways.

Our 2023-2024 collection includes PVC and Aluminum BazookaGoals in a wide color variety 
Coach's packages are also available and combine different-colored BazookaGoals for this reason. Get yours now!