Tennis is a brilliant sport that on the surface, you would think has no relation to football whatsoever. But upon closer inspection, we’ll see a few points within the sports that overlap and support each other. Those points are:

  • - Fitness levels
  • - Footwork
  • - Hand/foot-eye coordination and anticipation 

Both sports are incredibly demanding when it comes to fitness. The average football player runs close to 11 km a match and while that trumps the 8 miles run by the average professional tennis player, a lot of the running in tennis is short burst sprints rather than the maintained jogging in football.

Regardless of the total distance covered, one thing tennis and football players both require is good footwork. A lot of people think tennis is played with the upper body and arms especially, but it’s actually footwork and positioning that make a great tennis player. Same for football, as footballers constantly have to have their feet underneath them with the proper balance in order to execute their ideas.

Lastly, while tennis requires hand-eye coordination, football requires the same skill, yet with your feet. The skills learned from anticipating when a ball will arrive in both sports helps out the athlete tremendously. Over enough time, it will become so natural to the athlete that they could do it with their eyes closed.

Now, imagine you can take both sports and put them in your blender at home and mix them together…

What you have is a game known as soccer tennis and it’s taking the football world by storm!

Soccer tennis is a game that is a ton of fun, that much is obvious. But what lies beneath the surface of the game itself are the skills and touch that are refined as a byproduct of playing. If you are looking for a great way to improve your reaction times, anticipation and overall skills such as juggling and control, then look no further than our wonderful soccer tennis net.

In soccer tennis you are required to use all parts of your body (except hands) to get the ball over the net to try and score a point. This allows you to hone your skills by heading, volleying and passing the ball in a multitude of different situations and scenarios.

You are required to delicately get the ball over the net to the other side by anticipating and judging the weight of your passes as well as confidently smashing the ball over for a point using movements you would use in a regular football match.

Along with improving your skills and touch, soccer tennis is fantastic for working on your communication skills. It’s important to talk and speak to your teammates, letting them know where you will be and when in order to be organized in a way that will best protect your side of the net.

As previously mentioned, one of the most important aspects to the game of soccer tennis is working on your spatial awareness and positioning. Because the space in soccer tennis is so limited, this forces you to be positioned carefully and exactly as well as making sure your footwork and movement are precise.

As with any game, the main objective (for most) is to have fun. That’s exactly what you’ll get with our premium soccer tennis net. The fun that is extracted from a game will do wonders for the morale of you and your teammates, leading to a more relaxed and confident team.

Having fun is one thing, but just as important is the ability to keep up with the action. Getting in shape and staying that way is an integral part of any team’s success. That’s why our special soccer tennis net helps you stay fit and focused by taking an approach that stands apart from your normal practices or drills.

Here at Bazooka Goal, we do business with some of the best and largest clubs in the world including Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Having done business with these clubs for over a decade, we have come to notice some of their ways and it comes as no surprise that most of these clubs not only play soccer tennis in order to improve their overall performance in matches, but they do so using our brilliant soccer tennis net.

If it’s still unclear as to the value that a soccer tennis net brings, please feel free to reach out to a member of our team and we would be happy to discuss whatever it is that’s on your mind.