Our new secret is revealed!
Last month we launched the Aluminium BazookaGoals, the premium version of the #1 pop-up mini football goals worldwide.

There are some features that you may know, such as the premium oxidation finish or the frame color variety (silver, red, blue).

However, there is a new feature that we have added to the Aluminium version, that you may not know about.

Watch carefully the video below from the Reinhardt Women's Soccer Club:

So, what's going on here?
The BazookaGoals are not moving after the shots, without using ground pegging.

How is this possible for a lightweight pop-up mini football goal?
We have placed extra weight in specific parts of the BazookaGoals to strengthen the resistance on the field during the touch with the ball.

Thanks to the laws of physics, we have further improved your training experience with the Aluminum BazookaGoals.

The Aluminium BazookaGoals are available worldwide and, with the customisation option, they are the must-have training gear of the year!

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