Kids will love this football game!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Friday Tactic Board!

The English Premier League is on fire. Big Clubs are competing for the trophy and there is still way to go.

The predictions are with Arsenal, but who can ignore Pep's winning mentality or Eric Ten Hag's passion for glory?The Premier League teams are world class and the level gets higher every year. And, of course, world class Football Clubs imply the need for high-level Academies that create the future stars.

We, as BazookaGoal, always support actions that develop the young athletes, such as our 3v3 football tournaments that are organized across the world.

This week we have a great U8 tournament in UK, with big Clubs participating: Manchester United, Cardiff, Wolves & Newcastle!

Let's watch the future stars rising!

Anders A. Wennesland

Editor & Founder


Kids love this 3v3 game!

"Continuous Attacking" created by Peter Prickett


In this 3v3 game There are multiple rounds ending with a 3v3 situation.

-Make sure each round begins immediately!

  1. Round 1 – 1v1

  2. Round 2 – 2v1 (Two red)

  3. Round 3 – 2v2

  4. Round 4 – 3v2 (Three red)

  5. Round 5 – 3v3

-Play again but with the blues having the overload advantage.

-Footballs kept in the corners ready for the next overload.

-Each round is only complete once a goal is scored.

Helps with:

  1. Transition

  2. Overloads

  3. Combinations