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June 2nd, 2023 - Issue #58

Football, just like life, has its ups and downs.

In 2016, Jamie Vardy became a Premier League champion with his favourite team, Leicester, against all odds.

In 2023, he is sitting on the field, looking into nowhere.

He won the Premier League, the FA Cup, the Community Shield and became the 1st scorer in Premier League. He declined a huge offer from Arsenal, that doubled his salary.

Today, he is the only one left from the 2016 squad and he's still there. He taught us to never give up. Because the journey ends when we decide it.

Anders A. Wennesland
Editor & Founder

Upgrade your training sessions with the 

3v3 "ONE & ONE & ONE" Exercise:

  • In this 3v3 game the pitch is divided into three zones. The three teams are locked into their three zones.
  • Yellow aim to pass to the blues without the reds blocking or intercepting the pass. Blue aim to pass to yellow without red intercepting or blocking the pass.
  • If red intercept or block they switch with the team who gave away possession.


  • When Red intercept they can break out and score in either of the two mini goals
  • Red can send a player out of the central zone to pressure the ball. If they win possession they can attack the goals

Helps with:

  • Accurate passing
  • Breaking lines
  • Defending
  • Closing the defensive distances
  • Forward passing


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