History is being written
22 AirPitches were used last weekend
28 Premier League Clubs participated
417 u9 players enjoyed the benefits of 3v3 football

"This Premier League 3v3UK AirPitch event is the culmination of near 20 years of hard work and I really feel proud of how we have helped, and continue to help, changing the grassroots football development in several countries around the world."

Anders Wennesland - Founder & Managing Director

But how did it all start?

The 3v3 pitch boundary concept (separating a 11aside field into a lot of 3v3 fields with walls) was in fact invented in Norway in 2004. We launched it as "VG Cup" and organised it around the country. 

It then went on to have a great success in Denmark as Jyske 3bold and then some years later we re-launched it as 3v3 Norge and now also as the FA's Santander 3v3 - Ligaen

We developed 3v3 Deutschland and 3v3 UK around 5 years ago and now work with both the German and English FAs as expert consultants and event organisers. 

This year we launched 3v3 Danmark, 3v3 España, 3v3USA and 3v3 Canada as well as having 3v3 AirPitch activities in South Korea, Japan, Poland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Dubai, Greece, and more.  

With an eye to the future of football we are launching AirPitch International, promoting all small-sided formats from 1v1 to 5v5.

AirPitches are now available in multiple sizes for every small-sided game or training method, with each one of them featuring the most important advantage: "Keeps the ball in play!"

By visiting the website of AirPitch Football, you will be able to learn more about the vision, the available Licenses & the multiple AirPitch types.