Time To Upgrade Your Game!

More dribbles, More passes, More goals.

3v3 football is a great way to develop young players. It improves technique (as includes multiple ball-touches), passing accuracy and scoring.

We introduce 3v3 to the world community, together with experienced coaches that evolve, by creating exercises, games & tactics, the way of playing.

We are a proud sponsor of the "3v3 - Inspired by Legends" football book, written by PeterPrickett. The book includes games & exercises that boost the ball mastery, passing, desicion making and dribbling skills development.


3v3 football inside the AirPitch is more fun, intense and inclusive.

Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City and so many other Top Clubs use AirPitches for 3v3 football tournaments, where hundreds of kids participate and enjoy the rules of the game.


USA here we go! 

Our very first tournament was organized in the United States with hundreds of kids participating and getting familiar with small-sided football games.


3v3 USA is growing fast! There are multiple 3v3 football tournaments coming in 2023, with clubs and leagues using our AirPitches to upgrade the 3v3 football experience.

The AirPitches are designed to be safe for kids and achieve minimum stops during a football game, as the ball keeps rolling.

There are 2 different types of AirPitches, depending on the dimensions of the pitch and the amount of goals used. Both are fully customizable to boost Brand Awareness.