The Friday Tactic Board Issue #28 - The Independent Rates BazookaGoal

May 13th, 2022 - Issue #28

Welcome to The Friday Tactic Board and summer time everyone! 

This week we focus on a couple things in BazookaGoal Land, where we look at a republished article by The Independent that rates us and 8 other goals to see how you can turn your lawn into a pitch this summer.

We also remind those in Hamburg that 3v3 Europe along with 3v3 Germany will be hosting the 3V3 DEUTSCHLAND-TOUR 2022 SC Victoria Hamburg on Sunday May 14th.

Staying in Hamburg, we lastly look at a piece done on television that looks to help kids have the chance to play.

FA Cup final tomorrow, who you got? ???? or ???? ⚽

Anders A. Wennesland

Editor & Founder


With summer fast approaching, everyone is getting outside to enjoy the weather. The conditions are perfect for a game of football!

That's why I think this week, The Independent decided to republish their article that conducted a deep review of the 9 Best Goals to Turn Your Lawn Into Pitch.

We were honored and humbled to receive a perfect rating of 10/10 from such a reputable source, which is a testament to hard work and dedication the people at BazookaGoal put into creating the perfect goal.

Read the full article here.


This is a reminder that our 3V3 Deutschland Tour 2022 at SC Victoria Hamburg is this Saturday May 14th!

This is for children born between the years 2012-2015 (7-10 years old)

If you are in the Hamburg area there is still a chance of signing up.

To check if there is availability, click here!

As seen on TV! ????????

On Monday, NDR's "Hamburg Journal" showed a nice article about the "Street Football for Tolerance" project at Hamburg schools.

This is a mini-soccer tournament series with 15 events spread across the entire Hanseatic city, primarily with kids from educational institutions, for whom little else is offered.

We are proud to be part of this project with our AirPitch Bazooka Goal and 3v3 Deutschland in all 15 events.

Let the kids play!????

Check out the video here.

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